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Alamar Knot

the story

Dropped over the neck of a horse, and resting proudly on the chest, the alamar knot is a symbol of the patience and dedication needed to make a finished California bridle horse.  The Vaqueros that rode the ranchos of Old California were renowned for their horsemanship skills.  The coastal range lands where our grapes now grow, allowed these cowboys to work on their “Joanquima a Freno” tradition year around.


Felipe Pacheco was one of these respected horsemen, and a Cow Boss of the Santa Margarita Ranch.  He was my Great Great Grandfather and this wine is dedicated to him and all the horsemen of the California who remain committed to quality, never skipping a step and never rushing the process.  After all…there is always “mañana.”


Felipe Pacheco - Santa Margarita Ranch

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Spectacular wines. Blake is super welcoming and enjoys telling the story of Alamar Wines. Highly recommend!


Great wine, lovely atmosphere, really friendly and informative owner. Would recommend the Chardonnay (oak barrell) and the Rosé Cabernet Sauvignon!


We had such a wonderful time at Alamar! Our group of six stumbled across Alamar Wines from the Taste of Downtown Paso Robles, which we highly recommend too. We had a tasting of their Chardonnay and immediately knew we HAD to return. Not only we're the wine fantastic, the location supercute, but so were the owners. They were very attentive. We went back and enjoyed chatting with Blake all the while enjoying several bottles of their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Glad we were able to add their bottles to our collection!

Linette D.

Get it now while you can. The Santa Lucia Highlands produces perhaps the best pinot noir in California and Alamar Wines is now open and offering some of the best pinot in Paso...! Very impressed - and excited about the potential of this '22! Check Alamar out if you have the opportunity to BEFORE this wine sells out. Only 71 cases produced - which in a town of very few pinots means this wine will sell out fast!

Hayseed & Housdon Wine

Natural Aroma

Paso Robles, California

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